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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a Security Deposit?

We require a refundable Damages Deposit to cover any damages that occur at the property.  The fee is $400 (less for Flex space and Memorial Service bookings) and is part of the total cost.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes outside food is allowed. Events must be catered by licensed food professionals. Food may also be delivered by restaurants. Allowances are only for family events. There is no cooking onsite.


Is alcohol allowed?

Liquor (vodka, bourbon etc) must be served OPEN BAR by a licensed and insured Caterer or Bartender.  Wine with dinner does not require a Bartender.

How many people can fit in the venue?

Capacity must not exceed 99 persons, to include any Client vendors or Staff.  Banquets or Theater setups work best under 80.  The All Inclusive Package is limited to 85 invited guests.

How late are you open?

Our latest day is Saturday night allowing bookings through 11:00pm.  Showroom must be cleaned and empty by 11pm. A 6+hour booking can be accommodated through 12:00am Midnight.


Do I have to clean up?

Yes.  You are responsible for removing anything that was not present when the booking started. All trash should be bagged, tied and put in the dumpster. Extra garbage bags are provided. Decorations must be removed. Balloons must be popped and bagged. Boxes must be flattened.  Floor should be swept clean.  For any unforeseen messy spills, napkins, Lysol wipes and a mop are available onsite.  You do not have to breakdown venue property: tables, chairs, linens. Just move these items aside for sweeping.

Is parking available?

Free limited street parking is available immediately adjacent to building, and on the surrounding streets (23rd St, 24th St, Indiana Ave). Paid parking lots are steps from the venue (also listed on SpotHero). Paid street parking available on Michigan Ave (ParkChicago app). 

Can I hire a DJ or Band?

Yes. DJ's and Bands should bring their own audio equipment. As we are a private event showroom and not a club, music should be at reasonable volumes for a loft-like open room. DJs/Bands should be mindful to not damage the venue floor with their equipment. 


Client must advise Venue of all vendors or services that will be onsite during their booking, to include but not limited to: caterers, bartenders, musicians, DJs, photo booth, balloon and display installs, stages, throne chairs, etc.  Venue does not have a preferred list but can make great suggestions.

How early can I come?

Planners & Decorators: Access to venue begins at the start of the Client's booked hours. We do not have grace periods. We do not allow drop-off the night before. We do not allow drop offs or rental deliveries an hour early. Please notify your Client regarding how much setup and breakdown time you require so that they can book appropriately.


Any restrictions?

NO glitter, confetti, candles, hookah, sparklers, smoke or fire of any type are allowed in the venue.  Candles in appropriate housing are ok. Do not use duct, packing or scotch tape on venue surfaces. No anchors or anything may be stuck to the walls. Any oversized items or equipment, please ask in advance. 

We are not hosting Youth painting parties.


Events occurring into the evening require Security Guards. Any Event providing liquor requires a Security Guard. Youth events require Security.  Level K's Security team will be used.  Venue will determine how much Security is needed based on headcount and party length, and Client must cover the cost ranging $100-$300.  

Deliveries and Drop-Offs

VENDOR drop-offs & pickups must occur during your booked hours, not the next day. Rental items not picked up interfere with Venue schedule and operations. Contact the Venue well in advance if there is an emergency instance and this rule cannot be adhered to. 


Do Not have packages shipped to the venue. Multi-day Clients please contact Venue regarding this policy.

Items left onsite after the booking end time are subject to a $50 storage fee charged to the Client.  Bulk trash left behind will be charged a $25 per item.

Sweet 16 and Prom Send Offs

We have additional rules for these majority Youth events.  Please inquire directly.

Payment Policy

Events booked occurring within 10 weeks: Total Booking Fee including Damages Deposit is due paid in full.  

Events booked over 10 weeks:  50% Down Payment due to hold Date & Time.

Events occurring over 1 year: Inquire directly.

Refunds policy: Inquire directly.

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